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Day 3 - Wednesday, April 27, 2016
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8:00- 8:45am
RDC Continental Breakfast 

9:00- 9:45am
The Top Disruptive Marketing Trends Transforming Exhibitions and Events  
Speaker:    Corbin Ball, Corbin Ball Associates 

Technology will likely change tradeshows and more in the next five years than it has in the past fifteen! This information-packed session will cover the major technology trends creating these changes and what you can do to prepare for them.  


9:55- 10:45am

E2 Talks

E2 Talks are 15 to 20 minute presentations that are intended to inspire, motivate, and introduce our audience to some of our industry's most intriguing thought leaders.   These sessions are meant to provoke further inspection, dialogue, and investigation by all in attendance.  


Allyson Shepherd, Attendee Marketing Solutions
Building the Ultimate Event Data System 


For years you’ve heard admonitions to establish measurement for your face-to-face marketing program – now you have, and you’ve done it successfully. So now what? Unless you’ve got an expert business analyst available to your event team, your data can be completely worthless if you can’t use the information to make smarter investment decisions. To get the most out of your information, you may need to Build the Ultimate Event Data System, and this session will share with you how to do that. Topics covered will include:

1. What’s involved in building the system, know before you start

2. Types of data you may want to include

3. In-house data to integrate with and enrich your event data, and places where it may live

4. Issuing an RFP for the system

5. Working with the System Supplier

6. Dashboards and data visualization

7. Converting excellent analyses into actionable recommendations for intelligent investments



David Spark, Spark Media Solutions 

Capturing the Conversations: Your Event's Most Valuable Content


Event content creation is primarily done on stage, but many more benefits can be garnered when you start focusing your content collection efforts off stage. If your attendees greatly value in-person conversations, why not capture it? This style of off-stage content production and reporting can be used by event producers and sponsors as an asset for dominating search and social media, quickly engaging with attendees, building relationships with influencers, demonstrating thought leadership, conducting market research, and crafting the event’s post-show narrative. 



Joe Colangelo, Bear Analytics 
How to Capitalize on the Golden Age of Event Data

Today’s event organizers are collecting more information than ever before.  Data is streaming in from a wider variety of sources, is higher fidelity, and will continue to grow.  Yet, this increasingly valuable asset is sitting on hard drives because marketers and organizers doubt their ability to manipulate and understand data and to find the signal in the noise.  

Tapping into this valuable asset provides more transparency of attendee composition, allows organizers to identify fastest growing market areas and emerging audience interests, and can fuel personalized messaging and help both exhibitors and show organizers engineer more engaging onsite experiences for attendees.  Together, we’ll walk through the good, the bad, and the awesome with event data!

Michael Younder, Panvista Mobile 

Engaging Event Audiences with Beacon Technology


Learn how the event marketer can use beacon technology to transform their show or expo. Learning Objectives:

  • What are beacons and how do they work? 
  • How beacons drive event analytics 
  • Benefits of beacons and data analytics for the event marketer to engage towards a winning ROI

10:45- 11:00am

Coffee Break

11:15- 12:00  


Flipped Learning Sessions                                                                                     

After the success of the flipped learning style at the 2015 Red Diamond Congress, we are bringing this style of breakout sessions back for 2016. All RDC attendees can review the list of discussions that are scheduled and download content provided in advance by the session moderator so that you can come fully prepared to participate in the discussion. The objective of the Flipped Learning Session is to not only review and discuss the topic but to collect the perspectives of those in attendance on the issues that challenge us all. These sessions are meant to provoke further inspection, dialogue, and investigation by all in attendance.  
Guy Langlais, GES and 
Steve Hagstette, Freeman 
Labor Relations  

Trade show and event contractors require a competent workforce to provide exhibitors with the best service value possible. To that end, all contractors endeavor to generate continuous improvement in their efforts to obtain sufficient numbers of well-trained workers for the event or project at hand.    


This session will be a roundtable conversation on the goals and objectives of general contractors and EAC’s alike as it relates to the development of improved labor relations, and access to a competent workforce through the collective bargaining process.  


Some potential topics to be addressed include:

·        Economic goals and objectives

·        Advance preparation and planning

·        Collaboration opportunities between GC’s and EAC’s

·        Training and Apprenticeship programs

·        How approaches differ from Local to Local, and Trade to Trade


Rich Gilligan, SAP
RFP's and Procurement     

Mike Hamilton and Paul Quinn, Get Synchonicity 

How to Get More Buy-In from Your Presentations

  • Learn dozens of professional techniques and best practices to make your presentations more compelling and persuasive, for any audience. 
  • Discover the most critical mistakes most presenters make in the first 30 seconds, and how to avoid them.
  • Explore proven techniques to increase presentation confidence. 
The session is interactive, but nobody will be asked to give a presentation!



Engagement University Programming

Please see for additional session options during this time slot




12:00- 1:30 pm
Engagement World Luncheon

Professor Gary Rhoads, Charles Scherbaum, and Susanne Skinner will lead an interactive discussion with all of the attendees at Engagement World; sharing some of the key insights garnered from each of the different conferences happening this week. They will be our guides as we engage in a discussion about the common threads of this new field and how we can apply and utilize these findings across all disciplines.



1:30- 5:30 pm

Hosted Buyer One-On-One Appointments  


2:30- 5:30 pm

Back of House Tour  


4:00- 5:30pm 

Engagement University Sessions 

All co-located programming is available to Red Diamond Congress registrants should you choose to attend. 


6:30- 9:30pm 

BEST Awards Gala 

The winners of the first annual BEST Awards will be presented. The BEST Awards are brought to you by The E2MA and Exhibit City News. 


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