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Ask the Experts - Subject Index
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In an effort to continuously expand the list of offerings and values made available to members, the E2MA has established an online panel of industry experts to develop content, insights and answers to the needs and questions of all E2MA members – both the exhibit marketers and the EACs and industry suppliers.   

E2MA’s Experts will provide regular tips, topics of discussion, will moderate online discussions and post regular blogs on their subject matter area for the benefit of E2MA members.

Our current lineup of Topics (in alphabetical order) includes:

Business Development
by Marc Wayshak

Having worked with thousands of small business owners and salespeople in a wide range of industries, I have a unique perspective on how companies are selling today. I can tell you that most companies are doing it all wrong. Rather than pitching their products or services, salespeople and business owners should be asking effective questions to understand their prospects’ challenges and goals. By asking great questions, salespeople create great value in the eyes of their prospects.

Data Enrichment
by Doug Oldfield, Epsilon

Exhibit marketers, and show organizers, can enrich their marketing lists utilizing the services of Epsilon who can "enrich" your lists with transactional data they have in their files.   This will help all marketers to make smarter marketing decisions to reach a more targeted audience while spending less money to do so.

Epsilon is the global leader in creating customer connections that build brand and business equity. A new breed of agency for the consumer-empowered world, our unique approach harnesses the power of rich data, world-leading technology, engaging creativity and transformative ideas to ignite connections between brands and customers, delivering dramatic results.

Exhibit Systems /Web Marketing/Blogging
by Mel White, Classic Exhibits

The expanding assortment of exhibit systems can make choosing the right one challenging. While there’s rarely a perfect choice, there are right choices for each exhibitor’s marketing goals. Navigating the portable/modular/hybrid waters doesn’t have to be treacherous if you know your budget, your strategy, and have a little professional help.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Web marketing often feels like landing in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language. You don’t have to be an expert, but it helps to know the lingo and have a working knowledge of the landscape. There’s no one magic trick, but there are lots and lots of tips to get your closer to your web marketing goals.

No tool in your marketing tool bag is more effective at communicating your culture than a blog. Blogs are not for everyone. It requires discipline, an ego, and a willingness to share (and be wrong). It also helps to have a team who wants to share their knowledge and their experiences too. Let’s explore the good, the bad, and the joy of telling your friends and family you blog (with only a trace of embarrassment).

by Matthew LIttle, Nuvista

One of the significant budget areas for any show participation is monies spent on labor to erect your booth.    Obtain new ideas and tips for managing this area of your budget more effectively.

by Rich Gilligan, fmp

Exhibit Producers and Event Marketing Agencies are increasingly confronted with the role of Procurement in the exhibit and event production process and must learn how to reconcile the creative process of exhibit design and production with the exacting black and white process of procurement.

To better navigate this landscape it will be helpful to gain insight to the dynamics of Marketing and Procurement, and what drives each from a goals and metrics perspective.

Smarter Exhibiting
by Bob Hughes, The Hughes Group

Smarter exhibiting has little to do with money (in so far as creativity trumps money) it really was being clear & transparent and committed to the story – the content and the performers and the audience – getting the right people with the right people at the right time to have right experience to take the right action.

by Karl Pfalzgraf, BPA Worldwide

Sustainability saves money and builds your brand.   If your brand has a value around sustainability it will be increasingly important to exhibit, and produce events, in a sustainable fashion to maintain the integrity of your sustainability messaging.





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