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Best Practices - EAC Registration
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The E2MA was founded with the mission to enhance world-class exhibit servicing and to "raise the level of service excellence on the showfloor." As part of that philosophy, the E2MA has developed the EAC Online Registration system to ease the process by which exhibitors notify show management of their intent to use EACs for show move-in and move-out. With EAC Registration everybody wins - organizers, facilities, general service contractors, EACs, and, most importantly, exhibitors.

Our web-based system provides show organizers, exhibitors and EACs with a powerful tool to locate, track and communicate the essential information necessary to approve EACs for access to your show.


Distribute pertinent Show information to E2MA members. Rather than having great numbers of EACs contact show management by phone, fax or email to obtain a copy of the Exhibitor Kit, show management can supply the E2MA with the pertinent information that EACs need to service their clients and the E2MA will post this information to the web site where it will be available to all EACs.


Exhibitors designate their EACs online. Rather than show management having to compile information on which EACs are servicing the exhibitors, the E2MA will do it electronically via the E2MA web site. Exhibitors will visit the E2MA web site and link to the EAC registration page. There they can designate their EACs, and all notifications and reports will be compiled automatically.

For exhibitors without internet connections or emailing capabilities, EAC selections can be faxed to the E2MA.


E2MA to follow up with all registered EACs. Once an EAC has been registered by an exhibitor, the E2MA will send out show-specific requirements for access to the showfloor during move-in and move-out. The E2MA will pursue the necessary certificates of insurance, EAC agreements, and badge requests which are a mandatory part of gaining approval for access to the showfloor.

For any EACs that are not E2MA members, the E2MA will contact them directly in advance of the show to obtain the necessary insurance form.


Tracking Reports. Every detail associated with the credentialing of EACs can be reviewed online in customizable reports. Show organizers can verify and track exhibitor's EAC selections as well as check on the EAC's status for receiving access credentials. The reports include information on the receipt of the EAC signed show agreement, valid insurance certificates, facility registration, badge requests, and any other special requirements.


Badging of all EAC companies. Working with show management, the E2MA will facilitate the badging of all approved EACs. The badges requested will be organized for each EAC company, and the color of the access credential will be coded to the appropriate activity (move in, move out or during show hours).


E2MA representation provided on site. Rather than show management, or the show's official contractor, having to search the show floor for an EAC representative, the E2MA can provide a representative as official liaison to the show. This EAC Floor Manager can handle any complaint, concern, damage or other issue that requires an interaction with an EAC company. In addition, the E2MA Floor Manager can and will, to the best of their ability, support show management with any other floor manager duties, upon request.

In the alternative, the E2MA can provide 2 E2MA member liaisons who will respond to EAC-specific concerns, issues or complaints and resolve them to the satisfaction of show management.


Make your next show your Best Show! Simply put, the EAC registration system streamlines the process, provides more control and reduces the costs associated with organizing and credentialing EACs.



If you'd like to receive more information about the Online EAC Registration System, or would like a proposal for your show contact George Wurm by email at



Here's what some of our customers had to say about the EAC Registration System.

"The EAC Registration system at our show this year was fantastic. They completely took care of a huge job that used to tie up a couple of our people for a number of months. In my view, there's no reason that every show organizer shouldn't take advantage of the same opportunity."

Peter Eelman, VP Exhibitions, IMTS

"The EAC Registration system was a huge savings of time for me and my staff. I would highly recommend this service to any show organizer for their event."

Alicia Balonek, Director, Trade Show Operations, IPC/APEX

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