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Exhibitor Bill of Rights
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E2MA Exhibitors' Bill of Rights

originally adopted and published by TSEA


The exhibitor is the primary consumer of other stakeholders in the exhibition industry (i.e., show organizers; destinations; general contractors; exhibitor appointed contractors; housing companies; convention centers; etc.) As such, exhibitors are entitled to:


1.     The right to be educated and trained in their profession and to connect with other members in their industry.


2.     The right to proper inspection of previous show results before committing to a future show (no more than one year prior to the event.)


3.     The right to have exhibition management provide prospective exhibitors with independent, 3rd party audited attendance data regarding demographic information from past shows.


4.     The right to fair pricing and policies for convention housing and deposits.


5.     The right to the majority of exhibition hours scheduled to avoid conflict with other programs.


6.     The right to be charged fairly for drayage. Drayage costs should be based on actual costs of services provided, with reasonable profit margins. In addition:
  • The official contractor should provide qualified labor that is trained in handling exhibit properties and delicate products.
  • Inbound drayage charges should be based on actual weight of the shipment(s) which the carrier is responsible for providing.
  • Outbound drayage charges should be adjusted to reflect items consumed during the show (i.e., literature, giveaways), providing the shipper turns in a corrected bill of lading to show the reduced actual weight.


7.     The right to use contractors, other than those selected by exposition management, for installation and dismantle labor and other services.


8.     The right to receive a copy of the union rules and regulations for the contracted venue.


9.     The right to space allocation policies that embody a reasonable priority system consistent from year-to-year, fair to all exhibitors, and which imposes no undue hardship on potential space buyers.


10.    The right to express their needs to exposition management by establishing one of the following:

  • An exhibitors’ committee composed of representatives from both large and small exhibitors;
  • An exhibitors’ meeting during the show;
  • An exhibitor representation on the governing body of the exposition.


Exhibit Industry Council Best Practices

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This is the collection of Best Practices that have been developed and endorsed by the Exhibit Industry Council (EIC).
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Full Disclosure and Control of Exhibitor Costs DOC (90 KB) Administration 2/3/2011
Validated & Meaningful Event Metrics DOCX (51.65 KB) Administration 12/20/2012
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