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One of the best reasons to join the E2MA is to learn that you are not alone, to be part of something bigger,  and by doing so,  secure a more prosperous future.

Each Exhibit and Event Marketer, and every EAC have many colleagues in the trade show industry.   Whether you manage exhibits and events, or are in the business to serve exhibitors at trade shows,   you and your colleagues face many of the same challenges and have many of the same concerns.  You work tirelessly to produce world-class exhibits and to provide a world-class level of service to trade show exhibitors.

As a business owner, or trade show professional, you have the responsibility to tackle your challenges head on and do your absolute best to come up with solutions that enable you to create satisfied customers - and maybe even contribute to revenues and profits at the end of the day.   But occasionally you come across a challenge that can't be solved by one person, or even one company. The challenge can only be handled by a group of like-minded industry professionals working together for the benefit of all.

That was the story of EACA in the early 1990s in Chicago.

A small group of EACs were concerned about several shows that had rules that excluded EACs from utilizing their union contracts to service exhibitors there.  These companies came together and decided it was time to stand up for their collective rights and formed the Illinois Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Association (the IEACA).  Through tireless efforts to develop better relations with the show organizers and the facility in Chicago, the IEACA was able to facilitate positive change at a number of Chicago-based shows - resulting in a more cooperative working environment on the showfloor and significant new revenues for each IEACA member.  Their success was so well received that show organizers, the facility and even some representatives of the general service contractors suggested that there should be similar EAC groups in other major convention cities.

It was this tide of enthusiasm done by the members of the IEACA that led to the formation of the EACA. And, while the EACA has now combined its strengths with that of the TSEA,  the lessons of the IEACA still hold true today.

That's the E2MA.

We are accessible globally,  but we act locally.

Our members are companies just like yours,  that often rely on on other industry colleagues for news, guidelines and assistance to get the job done.  The trade show floor is a beehive of activity where it can sometime seem that there is no central control.  Yet there is the common quality of creating excellence in customer servicing that binds and ties E2MA members to one another.  This common experience can be found in the E2MA Chapters all across the country. It is one of the best features of becoming an E2MA member and it just got better with the development of the new E2MA web site.


E2MA members can now "join" their respective chapters online and connect with one another in dynamic ways that were never available before. Whether it's about the date and location of the next local meeting, accessing some vital information on the Group calendar about the next show to come to town, or to connect with a fellow professional in the E2MA,  the E2MA Chapter provides valuable resources to each and every E2MA member.


Join today and become part of the trade show industry professional's association who are making continuous improvements in our industry "one show at a time"!


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