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Professional Ethics
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As the "non-official" suppliers of exhibit services, EACs are hired directly by trade show exhibitors to provide services on the showfloor. From the perspective of the show organizer, the facility and the general service contractor the presence of the EAC during move-in and move-out can be filled with uncertainty. The questions they may have could include:

  • Does the EAC in question have a legitimate service contract?
  • Do they have the proper union contract to provide labor services?
  • Do they have the appropriate insurance coverages to indemnify the organizer, facility and general service contractor from their own negligent acts that could lead to property damage or personal injury?
  • Are they registered with the facility?
  • Do they understand the rules and regulations of the show? The facility?
  • Where do I contact them if I have a question or concern?
  • Where does my exhibitor contact them after they have left the hall?
The EACs who have been in business for more than 15 years are usually quite familiar with these questions and have done a very thorough and professional job of answering them on a consistent basis. But in order for the EAC service category to grow and prosper, and be fully accepted as a valuable member of the trade show community, the organizers, facility managers and general service contractors needed the EAC community needed to let our industry know what we stand for.

That's where the EACA comes in.

One of the first things the Board of Directors of the EACA did was to authorize the development of a Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics for all EACs. Every EACA member is asked to review and acknowledge the document as a condition of membership. As far as we know, the EACA is the only association of trade show industry suppliers that has this level of dedication and devotion to professional conduct and ethics. And, that is why our members are considered the elite of the exhibit servicing category.

But it doesn't stop there.

Having a professional code of conduct and ethics is all well and good. But it doesn't mean a thing if it is just words on paper. That's not the case with the EACA. We have policed this conduct among our members since our Code of Conduct was developed. If we are notified by a show organizer, a facility or even a general service contractor that an EACA member was behaving unprofessionally at a show we will reach out to the owner of that EAC company to educate them on the complaint. We will also make a recommendation on how that EAC company can get back into integrity with the party making the complaint.

And we do this for a reason.

The behavior of any EAC reflects on the reputation of all EACs in the eyes of those that watch us closely. And, the only way we can maintain our reputation as the "elite" of the exhibit servicing category is to be vigilant about how we perform. We are happy to say this process works. Since the EACA was formed in 1998, we have received 4 complaints about member companies. In each case, we followed through with the EAC company in question to remedy the situation by virtue of the teaching moment. But most importantly, we have never had a repeat offender.

A professional code of conduct that is acknowledged, enforced, and adhered to. That's what it means to be a member of the EACA!

EACA Code of Conduct

EACA Carrier Standards

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