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Intel World Interactive Amusement Park

Posted By Shauna Esterman, E2MA, Friday, April 17, 2015

Beautiful Immersive Experience Intel Mural


Intel came to Inhance needing an environment in which to explain their Intelligent System Frameworks in an educational and entertaining way. Their goal was to highlight each of their twelve business units and communicate the message that technology is the backbone of everything, from cities to amusement parks.



Our solution is the Intel Amusement Park Experience, an interactive multitouch application displayed on a 3x2 multi-screen LCD wall. It features an animated theme park that brings all of Intel’s products into one environment, to show the connectivity through the entire park. Up to thirty people can engage with the wall simultaneously, and multiple hot spots contain windows of content for attendees to learn about Intel and its products amidst the rides, roller coasters and people moving about the park. It integrates with a Social Media Photo Booth App that allows attendees to take photos that superimpose their faces on a roller coaster ride. The photos can be sent to Facebook, Twitter, the Intel®World Wall and their email.


Our goal was to deliver the same emotion one experiences in an amusement park, drawing attendees to the wall to touch it and learn. The result has been constant excitement on people’s faces and large clusters of people touching the wall. It has been shown at trade shows around the world, including Embedded World, Mobile World Congress, Design West and Cornell Cup, and at each show the wall was constantly mobbed with people. Attendees would bring their colleagues back to see it, and Intel was blown away by its success. 



Read more about Immersive Experiences: Creating An Emotional Connection To Your Brand


Case study from Inhance Digital

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The COACH Booth

Posted By Shauna Esterman, E2MA, Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Every year we exhibit in Houston at a "women business owner's" expo.  Lots of women - so our booth prize is always COACH purses. And we've become known as the COACH booth, but no one understands what we do (exhibits and services).  

In 2014, we purchased three 10 x 10 booth spaces. One in each aisle, like Booth #s 337, 437, and 537. 337 featured Bannerstands, 437 featured a 10' portable, and 537 was a 10' custom. Each booth had a COACH purse prominently displayed. The rules to enter were simple:  fill out a draw card, get it stamped at all three booths, and return it to the booth with your favorite COACH purse.
The least number of visits each attendee made to our booths was three, if they dropped their draw card at the last booth visited. Most attendees made 4 visits to our booths, deciding to deliver their draw card back to the 1st or 2nd booth after visiting all three. It was a one-day show so we held drawings in the afternoons one half hour apart. Winners had to be present to win. Not everyone returned back to our booth, but many of them did, making a 4th or 5th visit to our booths in one day.

I watched from the ends of the aisle. People would leave the Bannerstand booth, walk past ALL the other exhibitors and make a beeline to our 2nd booth, then our third, then back to the 1st or 2nd.
From a touch point perspective and for memorability, it was awesome. Now whenever I attend other events at this organization, I am recognized as the COACH purse exhibitor and they always ask-what do you do?  At that point, I tell them about our trade show exhibits and services. Some "get" it and hire our services. Others still don't "get" it, but that's OK. I'm sure they will remember the COACH booth when they have their own booth someday!

Additionally, Exhibit Network is celebrating our 25th anniversary this year.1989-2014.  Each booth had the "25 year motif" somewhere in the booth for easy recognition.

Kathleen Maartens
3434 Lang Road
Houston TX 77092

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Predictability Case Study

Posted By Jim Wurm, E2MA, Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Updated: Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Utilizing the New Event Forecasting Tool to Validate Spend

by Kent Walker, VP Sales        TTN Learning


TTN Learning is a Learning Management Software company that has been in business for over 60 years. Based in Minnesota, TTN’s customer base is nearly 1,000 customers worldwide.


Historically, TTN’s event strategy was driven by logistics. Data analysis and strategic planning generally happened after the event often in response to costs overruns and other unanticipated obstacles. Strategic planning was often limited to who would be attending and what staff members should wear. There were some big success stories and some smaller wins from events but seldom were they targeted, planned or predicted.


The solution was Predictability, a strategic software service, developed by the Smarter Exhibiting Division of The Hughes Group, that engaged sales, marketing and logistics to focus on an agreed set of measureable goals.  With goals set, by which all show performance could be measured, a new level of performance was enabled.

By setting benchmarks for three areas; logistics, sales and marketing; logistical cost, sales revenue and marketing goals were accrued and measured by the performance for each respective group.


As a result of the early implementation at the end of June, TTN has seen results beginning to improve as a function of controlling dollars spent, lead goals being met and increased revenue on the horizon.

We have had an increase in booth appointments, pre-show demos and post show webinars of at least 10% in all categories and an increased profit projection of at least 150%.

We have done a complete 180 in our event thinking and the results could not be more positive.

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Hisense Wows with Eclectic Entertainment

Posted By Shauna Esterman, E2MA, Thursday, July 10, 2014

MC2s Original Presentation Draws Attendees, Keeps Them There


China-based Hisense manufactures a range of consumer electronics products. Although it has been selling TVs in the US under the Insignia brand for some time, Hisense itself was essentially an unknown entity to most US consumers, retail buyers and members of the media. At CES 2013, the company had three specific goals: increasing brand awareness to create a stronger presence in the US; showcasing quality, in- novation and value across multiple product lines; and increasing attendee time in its booth.


Idea: Be original.

Hisense exhibited in the space held by Microsoft for many years. It was a great location and an impressive booth. Add to that a live performance and Hisense made a strong bid to be different from anything else on the CES show floor. The sights and sounds of four live presentations each day of the show were what kept the visitors in the space.



The 4-minute performances wove together music, choreography and puppets all created specifically for the show. Hisense’s message “Life Reimagined” was translated during performance into things that you would not imagine seeing together in one place. (Someone playing the didgeridoo wearing a Scottish kilt, an acrobat and a modern dancer, Caribbean pan drums and an Irish fiddle.) The combinations were global ro symbolize that through technology we have access to the world. In the performance finale, a video of a bird “flew through” the overhead monitor and “exploded” on stage as a puppet.

MC2 event producer took the approach to the entertainment as if this was a “piece of art.” The choreographer also had staged the Lion King, Billy Elliot and the Will Rodgers Follies. The music was from established composers who work with Kevin Bacon and Tom Rush. The Broadway-experienced dancers were all from The Lion King’s international touring company. There were original costumes, video animation, AV support, sound and lighting in the production.

To contribute to the excitement, Hisense monitors created dramatic displays above and behind the center stage, and a curved 116 ft. sweeping screen wall projected vibrant graphics.

After the theater presentation, a professional spokesperson then tied the theme to Hisense’s products where visitors were invited to participate in a Q&A session for a chance to win Hisense-branded items.


With a fully integrated marketing program, highlighted by live performances and presentations, Hisense:

  • Increased the number of booth visitors by 100% over the previous year.
  • Handed out 4,000 “passports” for visitors to tour the booth.
  • Received 1,500 completed passports, indicating the holders had spent time in all six booth zones to learn more about Hisense and its many consumer electronics products.
  • Was asked by a number of members of the media for interviews with a Hisense spokesperson, indicating the company would be gaining the publicity needed to create better awareness in the U.S.

Tags:  Attendee Engagement  Brand Awareness 

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Motorola Solutions — The Experience is Everything

Posted By Shauna Esterman, E2MA, Thursday, July 10, 2014

For the National Retail Federation Show, an immersive shopping experience



So, when Motorola Solutions decided to participate in the NRF 2013 Convention and Expo, the company wanted to prove to C-level executives it was the right partner for them. With the help of MC2, the company turned its entire booth into a shopping experience, showcasing Motorola Solutions intuitive handheld retail devices.

Idea: Go Shopping.

But what would attract attendees to the booth in the first place? Embodying the theme, “The Experience Is Everything,” the 3,500 sq. ft. space was surrounded by store facades inspired by turn-of-the century New York City department stores; each of the four walls featured a 14 ft. high display window staged to convey a specific value proposition incorporating a Motorola Solutions product.


Inside the booth was modern shopping environment, with canopies, large hanging light fixtures and ceiling grids that lowered the sight line to store proportions and minimized the trade show look and feel. Evoking a real-world store were three separate retail departments: apparel, electronics and groceries. The fixtures, merchandise and stylishly dressed mannequins further enhanced the shopping environment. Mapped in advance to focus on the targeted retail C-level executives, the booth’s layout created a natural circular flow and was divided into areas showcasing Motorola Solutions products.

Upon entering the booth, guests, along with a Motorola Solutions account executive, were taken on a tour conducted by a Motorola Solutions technical assistant. The tour was based on specific knowledge of the retailers’ interests. In this familiar retail environment, the guests experienced “actual” interactions between customers and sales staff, discovering the value of Motorola Solutions handheld devices and integrated software in enabling sales and providing the ideal customer experience. Motorola Solutions subject matter experts were on duty to answer any detailed questions the “tour guides” couldn’t handle. At the end of one tour, a retail executive noted, “There are many companies here talking about solutions, but Motorola is the only exhibitor that is truly showing solutions.”


By the end of the show, Motorola booth staff had met with 69 total influencers (a 77% increase over NSF 2012) and held 137 customer briefings (64% more than the previous year). In addition, Motorola Solutions Proximity and Analytics technology determined 5,694 customers with mobile devices visited the booth over the course of the show and measured the average time a customer (mobile device) spent in the booth — 122 minutes. Plus, the technology calculated the frequency of return visits and found 806 customers visited its booth more than five times.

Tags:  attendee experience  Retail  technology 

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